Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy of Gann Hurst Trader assures users of our website that all personal
information furnished to us via the website is maintained with the utmost confidentiality
and is unshared under most circumstances( unless specially solicited by us and permitted
by you). We respect your privacy and wish you a hassle free experience with our

Most sections of our website can be viewed without furnishing any of your personal
information. Certain sections of the website allow only restricted access and you
could be asked for your personal information for identification / authentication
purposes and granting access only.

Users can register on the Gann Hurst Trader  website by fulfilling the information requirements.
The information collected during the registration process (e.g. name, address, e-mail,
contact numbers etc.) is used to identify you as a user and sending you requested
information from time to time.
Data with regard to the usage of resources on the website also constitute personal
information and could be used for analysis of our services and enhance the value
of our online offerings with time. We aim to keep you updated with our latest offerings
and build a long standing relationship with you.
Subscription to listed electronic communication services results in communications
from Gann Hurst Trader as specified in the terms and conditions of the service. The option to
unsubscribe is provided along with all online communications.
We do not solicit information in any form if you have indicated that you do not
want to do not ant to furnish the same at any point of time.
Information Protection

All user information collected by us through the website is maintained confidentially
and not shared (transferred, sold or divulged to third parties). The information
may occasionally be used by business and channel partners for marketing and advertising
requirements in relation to our services. No information is disclosed to third parties without your consent.
Use of Cookies
The use of cookies by our website is intended to monitor site usage whenever a user
accesses our website and its services. Cookies contain information that you provide
such as your username and password. We use cookies on our site to help us understand
what pages are frequently visited and to improve the web site experience. A cookie
cannot affect data on your computer and cannot provide us with information about
other sites you have visited.
Your web browser can be set not accept cookies or to warn you before accepting a
cookie. If you wish to access secured sections of our web site, you will have to
enable per-session cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Most sections in our
website can be accessed without accepting a cookie.


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