About Founder:

Krishnamurthy Hegde is the founder of Gann Hurst Trader.com. Krishnamurthy is an esoteric Trader
with 12 years of experience in trading. Krishnamurthy has been researching into Market Theories,
Trading Strategies, Technical Analysis, Market Timing Techniques over the last 6 years. Krishnamurthy
is passionate about innovating new ideas, implementing them and sharing the knowledge for the
benefit of people.

Krishnamurthy has more than 25 years of rich cross functional experience as an entrepreneur,
Information Technology leader, Enterprise Solution Architect, Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing
evangelist. Recently Krishnamurthy pioneered disruptive ideas on Online Marketing and came out
with a concept and prototype for a Multiple Interactive Media Platform. This idea is to connect brands
with customer eco-system through a framework of integrated new age media like social media, Mobile VAS, digital signage, IPTV, eMags; in short where ever the customers are. His research findings have created huge interests among the media, marketing and communication fraternity across the world. He has engineered enterprise class solutions to many leading business like Shoppers Stop, SunGard, Infosys, Digite, Ushacomm. Today, transactions in excess of $5 billion are conducted on the technology platforms Krishnamurthy has passionately worked.

Krishnamurthy is founder of two popular groups on LinkedIn, viz., The India Investment Network and
Interactive Media Worldwide.

Krishnamurthy holds a university degree in electronics & communications engineering. Krishnamurthy is the follower of the principles of the Art of Living Foundation. Krishnamurthy lives in Pune, India with his wife and daughter.

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