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W D Gann ( 1878-1955), a legendary master trader, innovator, forecaster,writer and teacher spent 10 years researching ancient and contemporary knowledge about how the universe works before he made his first trade. Fame and Fortune followed.

The Master Trader:
Gann based his trading methods on pattern, price and time analysis. This made it possible for Gann
to determine not only when a trend change was imminent, but also what the best price would be to
enter, or exit that market. So accurate were Gann's techniques that in 1909, in the presence of
representatives of a major financial publication, he made 286 trades in a period of 25 market days. Of
these, 264 trades were profitable!! The capital used multiplied by 10 times, resulting in 1000% profits
in 25 days of trading. What makes this feat even more phenomenal is that, Gann did this with an
average time between each trade of about 20 minutes.

Gann conducted extensive research into Market Cycles, Law of Vibrations, ancient Mathematics, Law
of Nature and Financial Astrology. Gann often quoted that Time is more important than Price. He discovered the Square in Time theory. Gann developed many innovative tools from ancient mathematics and used it to analyze stock market movements, which have lived the test of time.

Leading trade publishers such as Traders World, Traders Press, Futures Mag regulalry publish articles and innovations of W D Gann. Gann himself published several books, which can be purchased through Lambert Gann Publishing company. Some of the books pubished by W D Gann are: How to Make Profits in Commodities, Tunnel Thru The Air, 45 years in Wall Street, Truth of the Stock Tape. Most of these books are also available through

Gann showed the way to be wealthy through Swing Trading. He proved that, people can make huge
money by following market timing technique, discipline and knowledge. Gann's trading methodology
helps pick tops and bottoms of market price movements for a trading timeframe with precise accuracy.

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