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About Us:

We are a trading community with an edge to trade in the market. We treat trading as a business. We generate wealth systematically. We have systems & process to follow, discipline to observe, reasons to trade, purpose to achieve, social objectives to fulfill.

We welcome people to join us. You donít need to be extra ordinary to trade successful. You donít need to spend hours in front of computers to trade. Successful traders trade systematically, comply to a trading plan, follow a mechanical trading system and trade for few minutes or couple of hours a day.


"To build a global community of wealthy and happy people by providing them an edge to trade in the market".


All of us want to be Happy. That is the most common objectives of our endeavor at all times across all sections of people. To be Happy, you need to be Wealthy. You need money in liquidity. Not notional assets. Money can buy you a Lifestyle you wish to have, wherever you are across the globe. Money is also your unquestionable guardian. It takes care of you during hard times. It opens up opportunity to celebrate life at Good Times.

There are many avenues to make money. But nothing like Trading in the Market. Nothing like creating a diversified portfolio of stocks, index , forex and commodity. There is huge opportunity to make money. Anytime Anywhere . Ethically. Honestly.

Legendary traders like W D Gann ( 1878-1955), showed the way to be wealthy through Swing Trading. Gann was an innovator, astute trader and a great teacher. He proved that, people can make huge money by following market timing technique, discipline and knowledge. There are other legends like
J M Hurst
, ( 1934-2005), who is the father of Cyclic Theory. Hurst advocated the Theory of Profit Compounding by trading cycles. There are many other legends like Robert Donchian, (1905-1993)who is the father of Trend Trading. Donchian philosophy of trading inspired many people to create successful trading communities, like Turtle Traders, who create wealth by trading with trends and following a mechanical trading system.

To this day many successful Traders, Money Managers, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA), SMBs as well as Large Business, Wealth Management companies and Private Equity firms follow the trading strategies and methods advocated by the above mentioned legends.

Therefore, we have an edge in the market. The innovations, systems & process, best practices, trading strategies, money management, trade management complimented with the use of right Technical Analysis Software, Technology Platforms, leading Indicators puts us in a formidable position to generate wealth by trading the markets. Emotionless. Without speculation. Sticking to a Plan. Following a discipline. Treating Trading as a Business. At Gann Hurst Trader, we believe that, trading with a mechanical system and following a trading plan any common man can generate enough money to create a good lifestyle. Anytime Anywhere.

Itís the endeavor of Gann Hurst Trader to build a global community of wealthy and happy people. We believe that, when wealth grows opportunities to serve grows.

Be Wealthy. Be Happy.

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