Training Programs :

We provide a simple to follow trading plan that works with real money. Our approach to training is practical and elaborate. The training programs covers all aspects of trading such as Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies,  Money Management, Trade Management and managing trading as a business.

Learn How To Trade and Manage Capital Like a Professional Trader

Learning the skills to trade the stock market is a powerful way for you to generate consistent income and to increase your net worth. The buy and hold strategy has proven to be ineffective, just ask those investors who invested 10 years ago. Those investors’ portfolios are virtually in the same place from where they started.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

• Understand the business of managing money, the same as a hedge fund or private wealth manager.
• Earn consistent money by mastering the relationship between probability, risk and leverage.
• Identify if you should be buying, selling short or “sitting on your hands”
• Gain a clear perspective of longer term trends and how they set up trade scenarios and trade entries
• Determine when a trend has changed so you can adjust your trading bias.

We conduct training webinars with video conferencing facility.  If you are interested to learn more on our training programs, please contact us.


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